*Green smoothie- unsure of the greens I bought and their taste, instead of trying them first I made it really sweet with yacon syrup, two dates, lucuma, tocos, mango, vanilla creme stevia, one banana and two large bunches of greens!
*Green juice from Sip
*Snacked on a few kale chips and vegan gluten-free brownie.
***Boot camp class at the gym
*The rest of my green smoothie from this morning and a little more brownie.
*Dinner- huge salad! Bok choy, asparagus, radishes, kale chip crumbs, little pesto, squeezed lemon, cucumbers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. With one piece of plain Food for Life bread and a second for dessert with cinnamon and raisin peanut butter and blueberry lavendar jam. yummmmmmmmm. The slices of bread are so tiny it's so fun to eat!

Kris Carr's affirmation of the day for the ACT group: I am ripe with power, love and passion and hot energy. I direct that energy with authority. There is nothing I can't do.

Love this. I am visualizing strongly our life in the next few months. I know exactly what I want and we are having it all! So I say: I am strong, I am worthy, I am making it happen, I am loved, I am healthy.

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