***Meditation and yoga with Eliot this morning. He says he thought about, "Coloring a huge elephant with gray and then it came to life." We did yoga poses together, he especially likes tree, downward dog, cobra, and happy baby. Lots of deep breaths and giggles. He likes to lunge at me from the side while I'm in downward dog. Dangerous. I always add in his yoga poses he's made up too. He jumps up and down in warrior one which is pretty cool.

*One juicy mango

*Green smoothie: 32 ounces- two bunches of what look like weeds, bok choy, carob, cacao, nibs, lucuma, msm, mango, chia seeds, goji berries, water and bananas. Rich and creamy. This lasted for hours!

*Snack- one small yellow heirloom tomato and a few pesto kale chips. And a Coracao chocolate for dessert!

*Green juice from Sip

***70 minutes workout- 10 minutes jump rope, 3 sets of 3 different ab work on the ball (from session with Eben), inbetween each set one miute jump rope. Treadmill was next 15% incline at 3.6 with interval runs up to 6 for 34 minutes, Running a little for cool down and dancing/stretching/kicks wrap up!

*Half a Vega bar for post workout snack.

*Cup of vegan chili with a few dark chocolate chips and sunflower sprouts on top and five big stalks of celery chopped up for dipping. Dessert was a raw vegan banana split made with hazelnut, chocolate, and vanilla raw ice creams and vanilla agave nectar syrup topping. 

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