*E3 Live

***A few yoga stretches

*Green smoothie- one head of kale, cacao, carob, lucuma, cherries, bananas, dates, chia, msm, maca, and water.

*More green smoothie later on snacked on a banana and a package of Bare Naked pears. Waited too long and didn't have any more water to drink and got a stomach ache! blech!

Eliot and I spent an hour at a new friends house today. Her name is Ann and she has a daughter named Eva who is four. Ann has a company called Circle that consists of her alone and her delightful clothing designs. Pants, skirts, bloomers and the most magnificent sweater coats that she makes from vintage pieces. Oh my they are beautiful with amazing buttons she gets fro around the world. The green ones I have my eye on are from Italy. My friend Julie has one of her coats in a wine hue and the buttons on hers are from France! So perfect! I was overwhelmed in the face of her sweater wall and had to let her know I'll call her soon. So much beauty.

*Rushed in the door and toasted up two slices of Food for Life bread- one with an open face pb&j and the other an open face Sunshine bbq veggie burger with spinach and mustard. Feeling better.

***Ran to the gym in the muggy evening to have Eben kick my butt. And then ran into Robert Cheeke. And ran home in the wind.

*Smoothie time- vega vanilla chai with carob, frozen mango and banana.

*Broccoli and peas dinner with a dressing of squeezed lemon, pink salt, tumeric, and nutritional yeast.

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