*E3 Live

*Green smoothie- bananas, blueberries, spinach, cacao, nibs, carob, msm, tocos, lucuma, two dates, chia seeds, and water.

On Kris Carr's sight today:
Q:"Of diet, meditation, spiritual practice, and exercise, which is the most important for healing?"
A:"It's the one you're not doing"

***31 minute treadmill- sprints/ inclines/ intervals.

*The rest of my green smoothie.

*Salad: mango, mache rosettes greens, Quite Cheesy Kale chip crumbs and squeezed lemon. This was so yummy.

*A little raw vegan chocolate ice cream for a snack.

*Dinner- kelp noodles with squeezed lemon, rawmesan, broccoli, tumeric and cayenne. With a big mache rosette side salad with a little Living Tree Community raw pesto and goji berries on top. Really fresh and lovely combination. Few bites of vanilla raw vegan ice cream and strawberry kombucha for dessert. Hey, can you make a raw vegan strawberry float with these ingrdients? hmmm… I just had one after the other. Something to try another day.

I also made Ani Phyo's raw vegan strawberry macaroons on Monday evening and they've been in the fridge and I've been occasionally grabbing one to snack on. They are made from strawberries, honey, agave, vanilla and dates. Really sweet and yummy. 

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