*E3 Live

*Green smoothie- spinach, bananas, cherries, yacon syrup, msm, maca. bee pollen, a little coconut meat, lucuma, chia seeds, spirulina, cacao and nibs with water. I am now superhuman.

*More of the same and then snacked on my raw vegan strawberry macaroons.

***Walked up to Alberta and back- about one mile each way while pushing Eliot in the Bugaboo.

***Boot camp class at the gym and 5 minutes of sauna.

*Pure Cherry Cashew Bar

*Dinner- same as last night with an added cucumber on the salad and some additional green beans on the kelp noodles. Delish! Dessert- raw vanilla and cacao ice cream!

Day 18 of ACT! On most days I've been eating a high raw diet, body brushing, sweating through working out and/or the sauna, drinking green juice and green smoothies, journaling, meditating, yoga and avoiding gluten!

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