My lovely grazers and gazers I'm done writing about food and workouts for now. Busy time begins! In the next six weeks I'm:

*Waiting on a couple more crucial packages to arrive on my doorstep
*Learning how to use a new camera so I can take photos of all this beauty:
*Throwing a birthday party for my boy
*My landlord is filming a commercial in the front and backyard of our house (a birthday scene in the backyard which now I have to make sure my son's real party on Sunday is better then the fake kid's party on Wednesday!)
*Packing for California
*Leaving for California
*Going to Raw Spirit Festival
*Seeing a dear friend
*Coming back to Portland for one week to get my house ready for my brother and his family and then getting ready for…
*Going to Connecticut (for my husband's family reunion)
*And New York
*Then London
*and Paris
*Returning to PDX for hugs from my bro and fam before they take off again for AZ
*And six weeks from tomorrow I'll be seeing Tori Amos in concert for like the 500th time, Love her.

This entire list is awesome and I feel so lucky but a little overwhelmed as I'm hoping Eliot's passport arrives today! Please please, one less thing to fret on! So many fun things! What's a girl to do?


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