At the base of the Eiffel Tower there are go carts. This guy takes a few euros from you and picks the right vehicle out for your child. You get to go around eight times. And every kid that leaves he says 'goodbye champion' in french. Tres adorable.

Go carts at the base of the Eiffel Tower by waxpancake.
So awesome

7-4-2009 11-20-06 AM_1349 by waxpancake.
A little excited!

7-4-2009 11-19-10 AM_1343 by waxpancake

Decided against taking the trip up. The long lines plus the price just didn't seem worth it on this very crowded July day. But that did not stop us from taking photos of all this beauty.

7-7-2009 10-30-04 AM_2093 by waxpancake.
I adored this carousel at the base of the tower but it was shady! Lots of local thieves taking advantage of the heavy tourist spot. Sad but true.

7-7-2009 10-29-24 AM_2087 by waxpancake.
So bright!

7-7-2009 10-27-15 AM_2085 by waxpancake.
Such detail to admire

7-7-2009 10-25-15 AM_2084 by waxpancake.

7-7-2009 10-25-00 AM_2083 by waxpancake.
Can't stop myself!

7-7-2009 10-10-36 AM_2049 by waxpancake.

7-7-2009 10-10-24 AM_2048 by waxpancake.
It is so Big!

7-7-2009 10-07-12 AM_2044 by waxpancake.

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