The same day we took in the sights of 'Amelie' we went to the Picasso museum. No photos are allowed inside but outside there are some really creative photo opps. Enjoy! I think this is officially the last Paris post! I've enjoyed doing these so much. I hope it's made your heart smile too.

Above the entrance

7-8-2009 7-23-40 AM_2184 by waxpancake.
The mirrored wall

7-8-2009 7-25-49 AM_2185 by waxpancake.
Me and E in the wall's reflection

7-8-2009 7-27-07 AM_2190 by waxpancake.
Love the colors

7-8-2009 7-58-51 AM_2195 by waxpancake.
Merci! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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