I love love love Cafe Gratitude.  They are a chain of vegan and mostly raw restaurants in northern California. I'm happy to say on my recent trip to the bay area that I stopped in for a meal at all but one of their establishments! And here is their menu in case you're not familiar with their brand of original-amazing-servings-of-love: http://cafegratitude.com/menu. Please click through to start salivating.

So recently I was in New York and spent time searching around Brooklyn for veggie places to eat. I was happy to find a place called Healthy Nibbles. When I walked in I grabbed their take away menu to peruse. And what did I find? See for yourself: http://www.healthynibbles.com/drinks.html . Now, this is only going to make sense if you have familiarized yourself with Cafe Gratitude's menu. Please tell me they know and love each other. Because even the fonts are similar. It's all love peeps, but this Healthy Nibbles place did not sit well with this faithful Gratitude-Girl.


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