We were the only people eating at Rawstar on a Sunday night in September and it was hippie and yummy. Rawstar is an all raw and all vegan restaurant located in the Prospect Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Here's what we had lovingly prepared for us….

Spinach pie, kale salad & tabouli:

2009-09-13 17-36-16 - IMG_3092 by waxpancake.
Lasagna (only served on the weekends), broccoli salad & sprouts:

2009-09-13 17-36-22 - IMG_3093 by waxpancake.
Dessert was a piece of strawberry-blueberry cheesecake:

2009-09-13 17-54-42 - IMG_3094 by waxpancake.

I loved the lasagna. Loved. The spinach pie plate was good and the cheesecake was ok, a bit on the heavier side. After having the creations brought to my lips from Cafe Gratitude and Elaina Love I am a picky raw food dessert lover.

Much love & success to Rawstar.

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