Today is Blog Action Day and the topic is climate change.

*My message is to eat a vegan diet or as close to an all veg diet as you can. Enjoy your life, the planet and our children growing up happily by looking ahead. I'm also a fan of  Meatless Mondays and think that's a fabulous place to begin. Or if you have the guts you can ride the extreme roller coaster that is Skinny Bitch and get yourself on board!!

*And please use your own bags everywhere you shop. Easy!

*My friend Roz Savage leads an amazing life sharing her efforts for a better planet for all and a fulfilling life for herself rippling out to you and me.

"A vegan riding a Hummer contributes less to greenhouse gas emissions than a meat eater riding a bicycle" – Paul Watson

‘My life is my message.’ – Gandhi

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