This place is so cool and I wish I had more pictures! It's called the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company. Their website is awesome too:

When you are ready to make your purchase you must recite the Vow of Heroism:
2009-09-13 11-07-19 - IMG_3051 by waxpancake.
 Yes, you can buy these Invisiblity Detective Goggles:

2009-09-13 11-07-34 - IMG_3052 by waxpancake.
And Secret Identity Kits:

2009-09-13 11-07-46 - IMG_3053 by waxpancake.
An aspiring superhero can purchase some Magnetism:

2009-09-13 11-08-32 - IMG_3056 by waxpancake.
One of the many uniforms:

2009-09-13 11-08-12 - IMG_3055 by waxpancake.

Capes, goggles, gadgets, even cans of immortality! My child asked to go here every single day we were in Brooklyn.

Where your money goes:
There is a secret doorway in the back- you have to move a shelf full of superhero supplies and it opens to a room that looks like a library. On the day we opened this "portal", as Eliot referred to it we saw people reading and writing in this amazing space. Eliot called it "another dimension."  Volunteers run these amazing spaces where kids are tutored and can attend creative workshops. So cool and so fun. The other locations that I'm familiar with are San Fransisco, with a pirate theme, and Los Angeles with thier time traveling theme.

Highly recommend and commend this entire idea. Go check it out!


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