The Renegade Health Show's***  top ten healthiest cities to live in in the US. (And my opinions/experiences).

10. Seattle
      I grew up just south of Seattle, worked there and spent quite a bit of time as a teenager there. Healthy, maybe but in my experience not the friendliest of people. It's gray a lot and I think that it wears on the people.

9. Manhattan
      Choices abound in NYC. Love all the choices and experiences you can have here. Everything in the world is a walk away and I think that's what makes this city magical and possible to have a spot on this list. The parks, the markets, the restaurants, the culture…

8. San Diego
     I really like SD, the ocean, the open feeling, the warmth. Just north is La Jolla, ahhh I can practically smell that clean ocean air.

7. Portland
     After living here for nearly two years I absolutely understand why people love it. But it's just not for me. PDX is more about comfort food then health food. And I'm really into the natural color of foods and not smothering things in brownish-gray vegan gravy and calling it "good for you". I'm totally generalizing, by the way. I want an all vegan raw restaurant here. I think I'd beg Andy to let me open one if we Ever stayed here. Not likely. 
6. Sebastopol/Santa Rosa
     I love the next three places on this list, all in California and all brimming with life, good food, sunshine and raw restaurants! Sebastopol has a special place in my heart and it's near a Cafe Gratitude!     

5. Santa Monica
     This is where our son was born and I love love love Santa Monica. Also the first time I had gourmet raw vegan food when Juliano opened Planet Raw we were living there! Farmer's market, sunshine, healthy beach air, hiking in Topanga. Good place.

4. Mill Valley/Fairfax/Marin
     So beautiful, green trees, the ocean, good food. Haven't lived here but could for sure.

3. Boulder
      Only been to Boulder once and just for the day but with the new Raw Seed company there I can see how it would be wonderful!

2. Austin
     My first visit to Austin will be in March 2010. I'm planning on checking out he Whole Foods everyone raves about!

1. Sedona
     What a heavenly place. It's like another planet. I was in awe of my surroundings in Sedona. We stayed for just one night and it is magical. Plus I hear there are some raw vegan places now too that weren't there the last time I visited.

I liked their list and wanted to think about each place. I would add cities on Maui and Kauai because of the tropical paradises that they obviously are! How about you? Vox has been so very quiet lately… Where are you all and where have you been?

Much love!

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