This is a list that is going around. Looks like I have some eating to do!

1. Fries with spicy tofu sauce at Dots- Y
2. $1 Corndog from Hungry Tiger Too- N
3. Chick-o-Stick doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts- Y
4. Tiramisu from Portobello- Y
5. Vegan Mulita from Gorditos or Gorditos II- N
6. Nanotear Ham and Cheeze sandwich from Tube- N
7. Milkshake from Sip- Y
8. Gnocchi from Portobello- Y
9. Caramel Nut Bar from Sweetpea Baking Co.- N
10. Soft serve from Blossoming Lotus- Y
11. Local cherry tomatoes from a farmers market- N
12. Dong Po Tofu from Bay Leaf- Been there but not sure…
13. Jerked chickun from Assase Ital- N
14. A Big Big Lunch Special from an Indian cart- Y
15. Soy latte made with Stumptown espresso- N
16. A crappy tofu scramble- Y
17. Cornmeal pizza from Dovi Vive.- N
18. Weeping Tiger sandwich from Bye & Bye- Y- tried the husband's
19. Bye & Bye or Floor Punch from Bye & Bye- Y
20. A Bowl meal from a cart- N
21. vegan nutella from freddy's hazelnuts- N
22. soy curls in bulk from food fight or proper eats- N
23. buffalo wings from Vita- N
24. the weekday vegan pancakes from Laurelthirst- N
25. Maple vegan sausage waffle from flavourspot- N
26. Drunken noodles with pepper steak from Thai Food Cafe- N
27. Macnocheeto from Homegrown Smoker- N
28. Veggie platter from an Ethiopian restaurant- N
29. Blackberries picked from a public place- Y
30. Baba Ganouj from Ya Hala- N
31. Coconut Mashed Yams from Papa G’s- Y
32. Butternut Squash Wontons from Hungry Tiger Too-N
33. Vegan slice from Bella Faccia- Y
34. Apple pie from Whiffies- N
35. Chili dog from Zach’s Shack- Y
36. Vegan poutine from Potato Champion- N
37. Missionary Chocolate Truffle- N
38. Apron Activists 4-Course Dinner- N
39. Hot Wok at New Seasons- N
40. Che Guevara Burrito from Laughing Planet- Maybe…
41. Bryan’s Bowl from Por Que No?- N- always get the salad made vegan
42. Pad Thai from Pad Thai Kitchen- N
43. Cupcake from a stand at Last Thursday- N
44. The Giant Pancake at Hungry Tiger Too- Y
45. TLP from Red & Black Cafe- Y
46. Cornmeal tempeh plate from Proper Eats- N
47. Tofu Po Boy at Palm State Gumbo- N
48. Maple Walnut Scone from Back to Eden- N
49. Vegan Mezza platter from a Lebanese restaurant- Y
50. Crispy eggplant from Fujin- N
51. Lemongrass Tofu Sticks from Van Hanh- N
52. Tofu Salad Bun at Pho PDX- N
53. Cocktail made with local liquor- N
54. Biscuits and Gravy from Paradox- Y
55. Smoky soy curls from Homegrown Smoker- N
56. Field Roast sausage- Y
57. Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce- Y
58. Toddbot's Triangles- N
59. Local microbrew- Y
60. Hot Lips soda- Y
61. Herb Crusted Tofu with Mushroom Marsala from The Farm Cafe- Y
62. had a picnic in Laurelhurst Park- N
63. burrito from Shelley's Honkin Huge Burritos- N
64. Eggplant tibs from Bete Lukas- N
65. Tator Tots before noon or after midnight- N
66. Lone Ranger from Chaos Cafe- N
67. Sunday brunch at Sweetpea!- N
68. Tofu at a BBQ place (for example Derby Mustard Sauce Tofu at Russel Street BBQ)- N
69. Mint Fava Falafel at Nightlight Lounge- N
70. An unexciting hummus plate at a bar.- N
71. Vegan meatball sub from Aalto Lounge- N
72. Koi Fusion spicy tofu tacos- N
73. Veggie dog from the Vegi dog stand- Y
74. Sesame chicken from a vegetarian chinese restaurant- N
75. Bagel with Bacun Scallion cream cheese from Sweetpea -N
76. Vegan savoury crepe- N
77. Veggie kibbeh- Maybe
78. Club Vegan at Backspace- N
79. ice cream sundae from Back to Eden- N
80. Raw fudge from Blossoming Lotus- Y!!
81. Tempeh reuben- N
82. Pause vegan burger- N
83. vegan ribs- Y
84. something baked with local marionberries- Y
85. Veggie bento box- Y
86. Dave's Killer Bread- Y
87. Higher Taste Buzzitos- N
88. Thai food that the server swears is vegan, but you taste fish sauce.-Y
89. Elephant ear from the Saturday Market-N
90. Dovetail sticky bun- N
91. savoury pie from Nicholas restaurant- N
92. Salad rolls from the Just Thai cart- N
93. Vegan torta from Gorditos II- N
94. Nutritional yeast on your popcorn at a movie theater- N, at home on raw "popcorn", yes
95. Vegan grilled cheese from The Grilled Cheese Grill- N
96. Pasilla burrito from El Nutri- N
97. Something from the vegetarian menu at Andina- Y and it was very good!
98. Vegan Steak and Cheese from D.C. Vegetarian- N
99. Dragon Noodles at Red & Black Cafe – N
100. Falafel from Wolf & Bears- N

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