Husband lost a friend today.
My friend's son is dying.
I wanted to cry at a toy store today because I don't want to leave California.
Been eating lots of raw restaurant food.
Been running hills.
Ran the Santa Monica beach and stairs twice.
More beach time.
Thinking of resolutions, changes, meditations, and time.
Thinking of death.
Thinking about time and space and stardust.
Feeling so lucky and grateful.
Feeling protective.
Wanting to help.
Feeling hopeful and happy.
Feeling so very very sad.
Loving yoga and exercise.
We were born for this.
Loving the sunshine on my body. I get flustered when anyone gets between me and the sun right now. ha
New decade. New year. New month.
I love green juice.
I am so in love with husband and son. "A common characteristic of every advanced mammalian species that survives: the adult female grows fierce when the young are threatened." from a tweet by Marianne Williamson

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