My day with Eliot

big glass of water
hot water with lemon & honey
oatmeal with dark chocolate, cherries, banana and goji berries

***Getting Eliot to change out of his pajamas is pretty funny. He usually throws dirty socks and underwear at me, but today he went in to his room, closed the door and a few minutes later came out completely ready. awesome cute!

***Took E to his Bouldering class where he played in the gym, had a blast and is learning to be a great climber with a strong little body!

***Ran to Target where E tried very hard to convince me to buy an enormous hot pink heart shaped pillow.

a clementine after I couldn't find my wallet when I was a Target. Panic! Then realized it was in the crook of my arm. eek. Food please.

At Blossoming Lotus: I had a bowl full of quinoa & greens

***One hour workout treadmill high inclines, jogging, running, rebounder, weight-lifting and a few minutes for abs.

Sun Warrior Chocolate protein powder shake with cacao, vanilla and bananas

***Eliot played being a tool man and foxed a few things in the kitchen and charged me $1.60 for his hard labor.

1 bunch cilantro, 2 cucumbers, 2 bunches romaine, 1 lime, 1 clementine, half bunch of kale= refreshing juice.

Strange cravings so I settled with some baked beans, a whole wheat tortilla, chips & salsa.

One yummy square of dark chocolate

***I've been so hungry lately! Hope you had a beautiful day!

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