Minimalist footwear for running is exploding on the internet- or have I just found it? NPR, Reuters, Harvard and bloggers are all talking about "barefoot" running. Am I just catching up or are they? Funny. Either way, my calves are sore, I'm running faster and my toes are happier! I'm 2 1/2 weeks in and haven't put on my New Balance running shoes (which I always ran in as a hard and heavy heel striker) and I see no reason to wear them. Now on to clothes!

This is a fun little outfit I wore last Easter:
4-13-2009 5-47-06 AM_0154 by waxpancake.

4-13-2009 5-51-51 AM_0185 by waxpancake.

Again with that awesome J Crew striped t, a Forever 21 green dress, black heart belt by Betsey Johnson, a blue petticoat from Sock Dreams, yellow tights from Target and again my Melissas by Vivienne Westwood.

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