P90X week three day one!

I have a persistent cold and cough that needs to leave like yesterday! (I've had it for nearly a month! arghhhh!) But that hasn't derailed me from keeping up with my P90X workouts. Tony Horton cracks me up. So I pull on my Vibram FiveFinger Sprints and get my DVD fired up everyday! I've now memorized Ab-RipperX and I even jumped a bit on my little rebounder after my workout to cool down. Love my trampoline.

Today's food log was weird because I took Nyquil last night. And when I say I took Nyquil I mean I ingest about two sips and I'm out for about 10 hours. That stuff hits me sooooo hard. So this morning I was sluggish times ten and I didn't exercise until very late in the day.

A few days ago it was my four year anniversary of when I started to exercise on a regular basis. I tell people now that for me it's as vital a part of my day as brushing my teeth. I love to sweat, challenge myself, feel the endorphins, feel my strength and move!! I woke up this morning with a cloudy head, stuffy nose and raspy throat and yet knowing what I'm capable of and what my body does for my spirit I thanked my body from head to toe. Grateful and lucky. Yes yes yes!

Breakfast: hemp oatmeal, 2 bananas, goji berries and dark chocolate
After workout drink: coconut water, spoonful of raw almond butter, one banana, handful of frozen strawberries & one scoop of Greener Grasses Chocolate powder
Lunch/Dinner: Steamed rainbow chard with a Gardein Santa Fe Good Stuff
I need another snack tonight, hmmmmmm what will it be?

Love to you and your amazing bodies! Goodnight!

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