Eliot has been very crafty lately and it's been too long since I posted about my boy. So here's some sweet little arts and school crafts he's done lately.

E's to do list:
2010-03-07 10-54-22 - IMG_5336 by waxpancake.
Our little family in pink glitter
2010-03-07 10-53-50 - IMG_5335 by waxpancake.
Yellow glitter landscape
2010-03-07 10-53-45 - IMG_5334 by waxpancake.
Watch out the teeth are going to eat the art!!
2010-03-07 10-53-39 - IMG_5333 by waxpancake.
A big school project inspired by Eric Carle's A Home For Hermit Crab
2010-02-24 17-50-36 - IMG_5133 by waxpancake.
A winter collage
2010-02-24 17-49-42 - IMG_5131 by waxpancake.
More glitter magic
2010-02-24 17-49-31 - IMG_5130 by waxpancake.
A geology class in Arizona
2010-02-19 14-53-23 - IMG_4952 by waxpancake.
Hard at work
2010-02-17 15-31-17 - IMG_4935 by waxpancake.
Eliot's snowman made from stuff we bought at Scrap here in Portland
2010-02-17 15-31-11 - IMG_4934 by waxpancake.
Fun with flubber
2010-02-02 17-29-25 - IMG_4823 by waxpancake.
A hand puppet that E made completely on his own- no direction just found objects and glued together at a friends house. So proud. Thanks for looking and reading.
2010-01-21 18-16-50 - IMG_4773 by waxpancake.

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