Our last few days in New York we walked even further, saw more and looked at apartments for the first time! I tried to keep a running list of all the places we went but I got a little behind. So there's a short list at the bottom of this post which continues the list from last week.

Everyday Eliot and I bundled up in layers to brave the cold. I even got wind burn on my head/scalp for the first time ever. It was so painful to brush my hair for the first three days I cringe as I type this. But we had fun and it was beautiful! I bought a huge fugly faux fur coat from H&M and at one point Eliot was so cold that I wrapped it around him like a shall. So here I am pushing my 5 year old little boy in an umbrella stroller down the sidewalk, his head in a skull cap poking up from a bushy fur coat. Hilarious. People were smiling and we were giggling. It was so ridiculous but I had to keep him warm and we walked So far everyday that I had to use a little stroller. We were a site!

Not quite warm enough come early evening but I looked cute and I just walked even faster to generate heat!
2010-03-05 10-58-47 - IMG_5269 by waxpancake.
Stella McCartney for LeSportSac bag with Yummy Breakfast Treat charms!
Marc by Marc Jacobs fingerless pink and white striped gloves (stupid idea, I needed to wear my actual gloves!)
Stella McCartney for Gap cashmere pullover hoodie (layers underneath, of course!)
Forever 21 greenish poof skirt
Target black tights
Forever 21 boots

2010-03-04 20-41-00 - IMG_5265 by waxpancake

Pretty Empire State Building

2010-03-04 12-50-30 - IMG_5260 by waxpancake.
Don't worry his huge coat was just stacked up on the stroller- we had it with us!

2010-03-04 12-47-41 - IMG_5250 by waxpancake.
We also walked through the butterflies exhibit. It was very warm and tropical inside full of brightly colored bugs!  

2010-03-02 15-55-02 - IMG_5236 by waxpancake

2010-03-02 15-49-49 - IMG_5229 by waxpancake.

Complete joy playing on the Big piano at FAO!

2010-02-28 15-01-19 - IMG_5164 by waxpancake.

A Target Go dress- I can't remember the designer- sorry!

My NorthFace little boys jacket. I love this thing because it is super warm and thin and Not made from animal products of any kind. Love!

Forever 21 boots

2010-03-02 11-37-32 - IMG_5224 by waxpancake.

I've posted this one before. Husband says I look like Alice in Wonderland in this one. ahhhh. 

2010-03-01 18-49-22 - IMG_5220 by waxpancake.

And lastly the infamous coat that I feel like a big muppet when I wear it!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Pure union square!
Curlys lunch (again)
Cafe Blossom
Nintendo store (again!)
Natural History Museum
Blossom cafe
Toy Tokyo

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