When I wake up in the morning these days I don't know where I am. Seriously. For over a year now I've had a recurring dream of a city I love. Sometimes I live there and I'm so happy. Sometimes I'm just visiting and it's so very stressful because I want to go to all my favorite places and I'm aware my time is short and I feel rushed and overwhelmed. And you see the thing is I've never put my finger on exactly what city it is and it got even stranger last night. Usually my Sleep City reminds me of a mixture of Santa Monica and Berkeley: seaside, people walking/watching, eating outside, docks, boats, bright sunshine, sandy beaches (sometimes tropical with pink sand) and many raw vegan restaurants to choose from (of course, it's my dream!). And last night you ask? Paris was thrown in. The Eiffel Tower was in my dream. And it looked like it was on a hillside in Central Park ummm that's New York (only occasionally is New York part of my mushed up cityscape). Holy cow my poor brain. I was even giving directions to tourists who wanted to know how to get to the tropical beaches, you know on the other side of Central Park where you have a view of the Eiffel Tower, duh.

I've had a twitch under my right eye for the last three days. I think we need to figure out where we're going to live.

Happy dreams.

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