We work out:
2010-03-11 20-01-35 - IMG_5409 by waxpancake.

E likes to knock on the White Rabbit's front door:
2010-03-11 18-56-31 - IMG_5393 by waxpancake.

I always take pictures of the lanterns above the teacups. I would like these in my backyard:
2010-03-11 18-52-44 - IMG_5390 by waxpancake.

Eliot blasting Jesse. Luckily she's a good sport:
2010-03-12 14-36-12 - IMG_5438 by waxpancake.

I felt just like this a few days ago:
2010-03-12 19-30-42 - IMG_5449 by waxpancake.

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