*Eliot is 70 months old today.

*He just finished his 12th week of kindergarten

*He counted to 199 unassisted today. Then went to about 250 until I was like, how about we try counting by hundreds instead. His goal was to get to 1000.

*He's been sleeping over 12 hours each night this week!

*Eliot's 11 current fav foods: avocado, edamame, veggie sausage, horchata, carrots, vegan pumpkin whoopie pies, pancakes, Fugi apples, bananas, red pears and mac and cheese with broccoli.

*2 of my favorite times with Eliot is when he dances in his booster seat in the car and my most favorite: snuggles and kisses in the morning.

*1 favorite show right now of Eliot's is Spongebob. Can't get enough of that guy.

*25: My guess of how many stuffed toys are in my son's bed.

*Infinite: days I've been loving my sweet, funny & clever child.

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