I love Stella McCartney clothes and accessories and luckily she designs for the masses through Gap, LeSportSac and Adidas. Here are two out of three of my new Stella clothes from her new Gap kids range. In this particular case I'm very fortunate to be petite!

A classic Stella print on a cotton t:
2010-04-12 21-42-53 - IMG_5822 by waxpancake.

And a hooded sweatshirt that I've barely taken off in almost two weeks:
2010-04-12 21-42-24 - IMG_5821 by waxpancake.
Worn with my fav Lululemon leggings and a new lucky little elephant necklace from Forever 21.

A closeup of the charm:

2010-04-12 19-35-10 - IMG_5818 by waxpancake.
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Hope you all have a fortuitous weekend! xoxoxo

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