On Sunday we went to brunch at Tasty and Sons then headed to Multnomah Falls. I thought about changing my clothes between each outing but instead I just quickly slipped off my heals for my Vibrams before driving to the falls. And I'm so thankful I did at least that. One look at that tall switchback trail and I wanted to burst out running! So I did! Now I can't wait to go back again, properly attired and enjoy the amazing air, views and mist from the falls and go all the way up. ahhhhh

Brunch spot:
2010-04-18 12-23-58 - IMG_5864 by waxpancake.
Wrong shoes for hiking/running! My dark green Vivienne Westwood for Melissa:
2010-04-18 11-38-15 - IMG_5863 by waxpancake.
My very cute and wrong outfit for running. Silk top from Liberty of London for Target, belt from Mooshoes & Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans:
2010-04-18 19-16-06 - IMG_5914 by waxpancake.
We found a heart shaped rock:

2010-04-18 14-58-11 - IMG_5884 by waxpancake.
A very small portion of the very tall falls:
2010-04-18 15-12-50 - IMG_5906 by waxpancake.
Walking one of the bridges:
2010-04-18 15-10-47 - IMG_5904 by waxpancake.


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