Time to keep track of my food & exercise once again!

Every now and then I like to journal/blog what I'm up to in order to keep myself in check. I took a little exercise break for three days about two weeks ago and then I've been easing back into a more strenuous training schedule once more. It's lift off time!  Hope it doesn't bore you and you can get something of benefit from my info. I'll post other fun things as well but the food/exercise info will be the dailies.  😉

24 ounces water

workout- 10 min bike, 10 min trampoline, 10 min at 15% incline treadmill running, weights- shoulders & biceps, walk outs with push ups, jump squats, bosu squats, wall handstands, ab work on ball, side shuffle on treadmill at 15% incline,  hold plank = one hour

B: smoothie- 2 bananas, frozen blueberries, cacao, tocos, maca, mesquite, water, spinach, stevia

S: square of dark choco

S: orange & half Lara bar

Late L:: arugula salad, sea vegatable saurkraut, carrots, half avocado, one slice ezekiel toast

DS: 3 squares dark choco

24 ounces water

D: small bowl of broccoli & edamame with pink salt, tumeric & pepper

DS: Bishop's orange cardamom raw vegan ice cream with sliced strawberries. Heavenly.

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