24 ounces water

snacky B: The rest of my green smoothie from yesterday, piece of dark chocolate & my last one lucky duck heart shaped raw vegan cookie topped with chocomole/pudding/frosting

Early Mother's Day shopping at Lush and Lululemon. Beautiful walk in the fresh spring air.

L: Ethiopian food leftovers

A little visit to Crafty Wonderland with hubby and son! So fun to see lovely & cute art & nice people. 

Gym: 5 minute warm up on stair machine, boot camp class, ab work & 5 minutes in the sauna. ahhhhh

S: Shake: cashew milk, pineapple, strawberries, banana, vanilla & coconut. bliss out.

D: At Blossoming Lotus: beet & curried cashew salad, veggie chili & cornbread. So very full. omg.

24 ounces water

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