B: One banana, little peanut butter, little fig jam, chocolate square

One hour 5 minutes treadmill interval workout, abs on the ball

S: Cacao chia seed shake with cinnamon, raw vegan protein powder, lucuma, maca, mesquite, stevia and ice. I'll be making this again for sure. Chia makes an amazing thick shake after blending.

L: Apple cabbage slaw from Yummy Tummy and more delicious shake. One itty bitty square of coffee chocolate before leaving for E's science class and errand running!

L#2: More of the same!

D & DS: Half a Yummy Tummy raw vegan brownie- dessert first! Yummy Tummy leftover kale salad with raw vegan crackers and one Gardein Santa Fe Good Stuff fake chickeny-black bean-thingy.

20 ounces water

DS: raw vegan pistachio ice cream with sliced strawberries. 

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