24 ounces water

B: one grapefruit and itty bitty square of coffee chocolate.

30 minute workout to Jillian Michaels DVD

S: banana & chocolate square

L: At Tasty & Sons: a radicchio salad with olives and pickled beets and a small plate of baked yams.

L#2: steamed spinach with lemon, pink salt and pepper & dessert was honey one one side of Dave's Killer bread Blues Buns and the other side a little peanut butter, raspberry jam and banana slices. Husband and son can't stand these blues buns and I love them! More for me! yumyumyum!

24 ounces water

D: Big arugula salad, sea veggie kraut and raw vegan crackers from Yummy Tummy. Perfectly delicious meal. Avocado would have made it even more perfect!

DS: raw vegan chocolate sauce over sliced strawberries.

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