First off Happy Birthday wishes to my beautiful cousin's beautiful daughter and to my talented friend Ann Hymas and to my golf-pro Grandma! May 6 is a lovely day!

24 ounces water

S: bite of coffee chocolate

60 minutes total: 20 minutes treadmill: 15% incline then one mile run, Jillian Michael's DVD, extra ab work on the ball, finished with tabata sprint training on the treadmill and walking cool down.

S: Shake: soaked chia seeds, cacao, mesquite, vanilla, stevia, lucuma, tocos, handful frozen blueberries, one banana & maca.

B: The remainder of my post-workout shake with Dave's Killer blues buns. One with honey and the other with peanut butter and honey. Yum!!

S: one grapefruit

L: steamed kale, half avocado and raw vegan crackers from Yummy Tummy. 2 squares dark chocolate.

20 ounces water

D: Bliss salad from Prasad: mixed greens, figs, currants, beets, ginger dressing. We went to Mashtun for dinner so even though my Prasad salad was filling I ordered the hummus plate with cucumbers- never enough cucumbers, tomatoes, pepperocinis and olives with pita bread. I ate all the pepperocinis, tomatoes and cucumbers, a few olives and  few pita triangles with a little hummus but it was pretty bland.

DS: Couple bites of raw vegan cheesecake from Prasad.

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