24 ounces water

50 minute workout: Jillian Michael's DVD, plyo, squats on the bosu etc…

B: Half of a vegan parfait from Prasad

S: Prasad raw vegan cheesecake with sliced banana

S: More of the parfait

Took Eliot to a new music class which I listened to just outside the door for 30 minutes. Adorable. Then we played outside with all his music classmates who happen to all be girls that didn't want to play with him and their mother's who ignored their kids and chatted and duh- I was fuming by the time we left. By the way we were in what I'd call the poshest part of Portland. puke.

L: Dave's Killer bread Blues Bun with an arugula and sea veggie kraut salad. Last few bites of parfait. One square dark chocolate.

24 ounces water

D: One of my fav meal combos: quinoa pasta, head of parsley, sprulina, nutritional yeast, cayenne, pink salt, pepper, onion powder & olive oil

DS: strawberries and raw vegan chocolate sauce

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