At AuLac in Fountain Valley, CA you'll find a restaurant with a chef who doesn't speak. Chef Ito took a vow of silence many years ago.

Eliot and I went to AuLac after Disneyland last Wednesday night. Located in a strip mall of dull brown buildings it felt, I must admit, kinda magical to drive directly there and find it without whipping a u-turn or three. Let's just say I get lost sometimes even with a GPS in my car (btw this rental car was without said luxury).  The staff was friendly and warm but when Chef Ito made his first impression on us I could immediately see why. He hid behind the bar, poked his head up with a red balloon pump in one hand and a small yellow balloon in the other hand. He wanted Eliot's attention. I told E to look up and he began to pump up the balloon revealing a happy face on the little gift. So sweet.

We were seated and while Eliot snacked on avocado and ran down the rest of the charge on my iphone I ate the raw vegan tacos and the "fried" raw vegan "rice" pictured below. I chose those two dishes after reading reviews and the menu was huge! All vegan cooked and raw means I was a happy woman. The fried rice was beautiful as you can see and the textures and flavors were so filling and delicious- big pieces of avocado at the base. Holy yum. You can taste the love and care from the presentation to eating to the way they packed my takeaway. Ah-mazing. And the best was still to come. I got three desserts.

1. a raw cacao shake to sip on on the drive back (I was tired)
2. raw vegan donut holes made with spirulina, coconut flour and melted gooey palm sugar. These were out of this girls raw world, one of the best things I've ever tasted. Ever. Ever. Ever. I want them right now. Warm. Soft. Good heavens.
3. Chef Ito put a lovely smelling oil on my wrist, walked Eliot and I out to our car, gave E a high five, we "chatted", he hugged me and he pushed pressure points up and down my spine and I told him we'd be back.

Thank you so much AuLac. You made such an impression on me. Big love. 

2010-05-19 21-26-08 - IMG_6196 by waxpancake.

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