I stopped eating last night around 7:30PM and since then this is what I consumed:

16 ounces water- upon waking.

8 oz green tea with vanilla stevia – while Eliot and I did school work.

40 oz or so of water – during and after E's Science class at a local community center.

8 oz chocolate chai decaf tea with vanilla stevia – relaxing and trying not to watch the clock tick tock.

16 oz water – tummy growling in the late afternoon.

10 oz GT's multi-green kombucha – early evening pick me up leaving me very full and satiated.

Breaking my fast:
About 7PM: 12 oz banana almond mylk. I whipped this up in my blender with raw almond butter, water, lucuma, vanilla stevia, Greener Grasses chocolate powder, Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder & bananas. I made about 50 ounces for the next few days. It's so very tasty.

Final verdict: I drank too much! Now at the end of the day I'm  feeling the effects of 110 ounces of liquids and realize I should have stopped around 80 max with my body type aka shorty-petite-ness! Oh well, all is well live and learn! 


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