Apologies if this bores you and cheers if it doesn't! 

Today I yummed up on:
*20 ounces water
*little coconut yogurt (vegan), blueberries, strawberries & vanilla creme stevia sprinkled with cacao crunch cereal
***Workout***P90X Arms and Shoulders, AbRipperX, 26 minute treadmill running intervals & inclines 
*The rest of the coconut yogurt, cacao crunch cereal, one sliced banana & more stevia- this is amazingly yummy!
*8 ounces coconut water
*Kelp noodles, peas, squeezed lemon and Indian spices. I made an entire package of kelp which was ambitious! Sadly, I could not consume them all. 
*little White Rose Kombucha from Townsend's
*Dark chocolate squares- lots today! A few goldenberries & Bishop's raw vegan ice cream in orange cardamom flavor for dessert!

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