Sweet tooth Thursday!

*Cacao Crunch Cereal with home made almond banana milk, sliced banana and blueberries

Ran out the door with E & A for E's first dentist appointment! Then ran errands downtown, SW, then Sellwood, SE and lastly home. Then went out for a play date at the park. Later E said, "You know what I know? Girls are crazy. Boys are a little bit but girls are really crazy." Soooo funny.

*2 small Cowgirl cookies from Prasad- they are my cookie perfection: chocolate chip, peanut butter & oatmeal vegan & gluten free!

*Coconut water

***30 minutes of a Tracy Anderson dvd and 30 minutes cardio workout***

*Coconut water

*Bliss salad from Prasad. Love this salad so much. It's filled with beets, quinoa, figs, currants, greens, ginger dressing, carrots & walnuts!

*dessert: Cacao raspberry raw vegan cheesecake from Prasad with fresh blueberries and sliced banana. Tried SO hard to save some for tomorrow. Could not pull it together, Ate It All. Yum.

Later I'm sure I'll have some water and probiotics and maybe a small snack so I'm signing off for now! Off to see a special screening of Toy Story 3 in 3D!

Gooooooooodnight Voxers!

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