First official post on the new blog! Time to link up and connect. Feeling very inspired and very busy. Let’s start with a list.

New Stuff & Stuff I missed writing about while taking a break from blogging this summer.

1. Moving on October 1 from Portland, Oregon to southern California (…gonna see the folks I dig, I’ll even kiss a sunset pig, California coming home… Joni Mitchell)!

2. Eliot started first grade last Monday. This is our second year of homeschooling and even though I love it and our time together I think he and I will both be so excited to find a great great great school for him to attend for second grade.

3. Starting a few days ago I began posting a photo on facebook and on twitter of either the cute t I’m wearing or the whole outfit, except for my head- ha! My sister-in-law has called me the headless fashionista!

4. We’re planning a trip to Spain. Husband is speaking at a conference so we’re off to Barcelona next month!

5. Been doing a little experimenting with eliminating excess sugar (like sweet baked vegan yummies) from my diet and I felt great until I added them back in, part of the experiment of course, and I broke out like I was 15 again. Lesson learned? I’d like to say yes & that I’ll be keeping sweets to a minimum but it’s definitely going to take will power.

6. I quit the gym! Leaving rainy weather behind coupled with my new love of  working out almost every day with Zuzana at so it made sense to let the gym dues GO! I love Zuzana’s intense, short bursts of exercise and I add in my own heavy weights plus some running intervals. So far so good!

7. We went to Maui and Lanai in August and it was paradise. It’s a dream we’ll make come true one day and live there for a short while. Island life holds me and is deep in my heart. Eliot has such a unique perspective on life. As we drove through Waimea on Maui he casually asks Andy and I, “Guys, I was wondering when we’re going back to Paris.” I couldn’t help it, my first reaction was to just laugh out loud.

8. In July we went to San Diego for Comic-Con. I also spent time with a dear friend who’s mum had passed suddenly. I hope I was there for her because she is so dear to me and listens and gives solid, intuitive advice.

9. In June we took a roadtrip that took us from Portland to Ashland, Oregon, to Redding, CA & on through Yosemite to Mammoth Lakes, California. We visited a ghost town called Bodie and I took 300 photos of just that day trip in Bodie! Hope to write in detail about so much of what’s on my list here very soon!

1o. Thank you for reading. I appreciate peeking into the windows of people’s lives, closets & thoughts so much on blogs and I hope you enjoy my ride here.