I was inspired by a list similar to this on a blog a couple of months ago so I made my own spring to do list on my phone as a guide. Let’s see how we did!


Hoard sweet & sarahs- nope just had one at Easter time

Tulip fields- nope maybe next year

La Conner- maybe this summer?

Paint- uhh, no. This is not going well so far.

Draw- nope.

Workout- yes! Back to working out almost every day & my yoga practice has increased too. Love being able to be in poses I once felt were too hard!

Tracy Anderson DVDs- yup!

Stairs- at Mount Tabor- yes!

Run- a little bit

Paint a chalkboard wall in kitchen- I put up chalkboard stickers and they are cute!

Paint a wall bright pink- I think I’ve changed my mind about this one.

Take photos in the pink trees- oops. nope. And this was on E’s list. They just came & went so quickly this year!

See Lydia- yes, it’s been too long but nope, we haven’t been to WA since we returned to PDX.

Take a Bar Method class- nope, maybe another time.

Paint eggs-yup!

Celebrate birthdays- of course!

Go to the farmers market- yes!  A few times!

Walk our new neighborhood- Loads!

Prepare for Es 7th bday- done! And done!

Go to NYC- SO much fun!

Plan for Ireland- cancelled before it was scheduled!

Find a jasmine tree? Bush? Who knows?- not yet….

Decorate purple house- coming right along.

Put up twinkle lights-one strand is up, probably need more 😉

Yoga! -See above!

Train with Tasia- nope, been too busy but she rules if anyone is interested.

Renew personal training certification-done!

Multnomah Falls-no- but for sure this summer!

Mount Tabor time- yes! & there will be more. I love how cool it stays in the trees for those few days PDX reaches high temps.

Green juice at Sip- yes! yes! yes!

New glasses- boo. not yet.

Wear all the clothing I’ve been missing for the past 6 months!- getting there. This is a very very big task.

See family-check!