I’m going to have to dig deep for this one. I went to Barcelona with A & E in late October to early November last year & it was a beautiful & scary adventure. I’d never been to a city I felt constantly nervous in. Andy had scared me to death to the point of almost not wanting to go with all of his research on thieves in Barcelona. Shaking in my boots, I was. But of course we had an incredible time & I was only truly scared once by a mostly harmless prank & we dashed out of the area fast because A had done all that research & we knew what was coming next. Bolted, we did.

From the mediterranean sea to the sunsets to the Miro museum to the chocolate museum to vegan restaurants to parks to Gaudi’s beauty everywhere- it was extraordinary. We met up with friends, Eliot played with children from Italy, England, Australia & Spain- of course! Barcelona is so unique & I don’t feel I have the words for it. It’s beautiful, full of life, good food, dangerous, exciting, magical, old & fascinating. I have handwritten notes, books & small pieces of ticket stubs & the like to remind me of our time in Spain- and here are the notes I kept on my phone.


Souvenirs: I bought a hat, a green dress, a headband, an orange dress, a black ruffle capelet, a plush baby Patrick for E, a pen, 4 marker circles for kids, a bee toy for E, 3 necklaces, 2 light toys, a pair of jeans, a t shirt, a red riding hood ring made in France, loads of chocolate bars, & a magazine.

Cat Bar vegano  bar beer- stopped in for a look but didn’t eat here

St. Mary of the Sea- an old church that made my soul ache because it was so beautiful & full of the life & death it has been a part of. Quiet prayers, gratitude & tears shed in grief.

Paco Pizza- for Eliot

Maoz falafel- nope, never went but saw them all over the place

Abissinia ethiopian food – too far from our hotel

Gopal juice bar fast food- loved this place & their tiny little wrestler figurines in the food case holding pro-vegan signs. Great food!!

Juicy Jones – Super love their brightly painted walls, tali lunches & dinners and cacao smoothies. I ate here A LOT!

Aguaribay – don’t recall

Amaltea – don’t recall

Arco Iris – don’t think so

Biocenter Restaurant veg – loved it! Big salad bar or tali in the day & sit down dinners with raw food options.

Gelaati- I think A & E liked it!

Stores- I never went to any of these- oops


Bio Space

La Botiga del Sol



Miro museum