I believe that words are powerful. So I make lists of things I dream of and I reread them, say them out loud to the husband and anyone else who will listen & I can trust. I had a wish/want list for our Portland house and I’m sharing it below because I now have every single thing I wrote down. We’ve been here just over two months & I walk around grateful for every corner in every room. Just the other morning E woke up and he was stretching his arms out wide against the walls going from room to room. When I asked what he was doing he replied, “I’m hugging the house!” When I asked why he said, ” I like it!”  We really like it. And now the list:

Portland House

The Schools- for privacy reasons I won’t list that information here- but we have E in one of my top two choices for schools.

The House: modern (all major systems have been upgraded), turn key ready (yes, it’s so pretty!), hardwood floors (yup), 3 or more bedrooms (check), 2 bathrooms (there are 4 bathrooms- be careful what you wish for! ha!), safe neighborhood (of course), walkable (absolutely), porch (& deck), minimal yard (check), big windows (yes!), lots of light (yes!), garage a plus(got it!), finished basement a plus (amazing basement!), walk in closets (made my own out of a small fourth bedroom!), built-ins (yup) and 2 story (it’s 3!)

And to top it off we have a beautiful view of the city. Below is a photo I took of the PDX sky because I love a good sky. XOXO