The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to me and my boy. And lately he’s having more opinions on color, design & the shape – of his clothes. (So fun for me!)

I’ve shopped for the last two years for most of his wardrobe at I found Bit’Z Kids by accident two summers ago because Eliot got all kinds of crazy soaked in a fountain on the upper west side in Manhattan. It was a gorgeous sunny day and this mama had not brought a change of clothes. Off we went with a soggy child and ran very fortunately into Bit’Z Kids! I bought a few adorable shirts and shorts and underwear and after that we were hooked. So every time we go to New York I leave a little room to stock up on his clothes and now I’ll have to make even more room because they recently removed the ability to purchase on line. boo-hoo! My next problem will be what will I do when he grows out of the sizes they make?? Oh well, for the time being E enjoys wearing his skinny Japanese pants, video game themed undies and New York-centric tees and sweatshirts. Their girls range is equally filled with cuteness, btw.

Eliot recently snapped this photo of his groovy plaid skinny pants and asteroid-star-skeleton-dinos puking rainbows shoes- both from Bit’Z on our trip east last month.