Today is day #2 of being unable to exercise which makes me crazy. I’m very addicted to the endorphins & so when I can’t move my body & get super sweaty I am not at my happiest. And get this all I did was stub my big toe. Really. Really hard. It was swollen for 48 hours until it turned black, blue & purple. I’m able to move it now that my body has stopped protecting it with fluid- which is great. A couple of hours after I pounded my big toe I was limping around the community center where E takes gymnastics. That’s when I saw a woman in a wheelchair. I sighed and got a little teary at how lucky I am, that I have the pleasure of running at top speed around my house with my child, laughing and being silly all the way &  I’m on the mend & all is well so I’ll be back to it very soon. I have a tendency to *really* baby even the smallest injuries by immediately icing, resting and being very mindful about when I become active again. Fingers crossed that means I can do yoga tomorrow. So grateful… perhaps the universe was telling me I needed a little down time.