Our last trip to New York was in May and this was my to-do-to-eat-to-see list. Let’s see how we did!

Sacred Chow- not this time!

Marc by Marc Jacobs • I visited here on Mother’s day & bought two fab bags for cheap!

Uniqlo• went here & was not impressed. I often forget how much I loathe soho. Not again…. except maybe for a Betsey Johnson fix.

Tarina Tarantino- closed in soho.

Organic ave • great for a quick green juice and/or raw vegan healthy snack. Something about the vibe that I don’t swoon over though.. can’t put my finger on it.

Highline park • Amazing! A must see & do now for me! Peaceful, unique, good people watching- NYC!

Betsey Johnson • Yup!

Curly’s • Brought E here once for some french toast & it was NOT kid friendly french toast. Flat-healthy-seedy bread is NOT good for kids’ french toast, duh.

Liquiteria • I like it here for juices & vegan snacks much better than Organic Avenue- what is it???

Zoo • I’m not a fan of zoos but I have a child and there is so much to see & learn from zoos so off we went to Central Park Zoo & the Children’s Zoo. I got great photos of Eliot and had some good talks about natural habitats.

Central park • A favorite. LOVE.

Stogo- not this time & still never been.

Snice • Stopped in for a quick drink- seems reliable enough veg faire.

Dirt Candy – We tried! It’s SO popular!

Forever 21 • having a walk through the Union Square location has become a must do for me but I must tell you that I was not too impressed with their spring offerings.

Time Out NYC – oops, never bought one.

Strala village – I really wanted to visit Tara Stiles in her natural habitat- haha – but didn’t make it there this trip.

Nintendo store midtown • Spent some time here with E one afternoon- it’s a must do for him & he loves it. I also took like 20 photos while I was there to send to my nephew so he could pick out something to buy. Fun stuff. I know that if  I was a teenager and it was two floors of Tori Amos merch I’d be in a pool of happy tears.

Red • cute little boutique

Kit 228 – another cute shop

One Lucky Duck • almost everyday and sometimes 3 meals were had here. XOXOXO Super Love.

Lulas Sweet Apothecary: had a scoop at Blossom on the upper west side

Teich shop • cute shop

Quintessence – nope

FAO/Central park •• yes & yes.

Met Museum of Modern Art  • had an amazing time here with E. Saw my first Frida Kahlo. E wasn’t sure she was female. So ,we had a talk about her & facial hair & self portraits.

Miu Miu • had never been, wanted to see it, saw it & now know I’m not missing a thing.

La crepe in soho- nope

Beacons closet in Brooklyn – still want to go…

Empire state building- maybe next time, I thought E would enjoy it.

Vaute Couture – oopsy, they don’t have a store!

Bit’z kids • of course! See previous post!

Cocoa V – closed on Mother’s day when I stopped by. Dumb.

Babycakes • love them.

Mooshoes • Love to browse but haven’t bought anything here for years!

Kaight • Their selection of Melissa’s is great but this time they were all out of my size! poops.

Pure Food & Wine • super-fab favorite. I finally tried two of their most popular offerings: the master cleanse tini & lasagne. The dish was lovely & the drink was my absolute favorite cocktail ever. I dream about it.

Blossom • I adore this restaurant & always have fun with E here because it means we’re shopping at Bit’z, we’re going to Central Park & most likely a museum but boy did the service SUCK this time. SUCK. That’s what I said. But ‘ll be back cause I’m a sucker.

The Juice Press • stopped in for a looksy and grabbed a menu. I love to collect menus from raw vegan places for inspiration in my own kitchen. I was too full from my brunch at the Duck to order anything. It was jam packed inside. Assuming it’s good…..

Juice generation- nope

Gobo – nope

The Counter- we ended up here when we couldn’t get into Dirt Candy.  The food was either under cooked in some cases or over cooked . Was not impressed.


So there’s my little wrap up for springtime in NYC, 2011 with my fam!