I woke up on day four of Wanderlust, a Sunday & I was tired & excited to see my husband & child the next day. I had scheduled three classes & I didn’t want to go to any of them. Instead I wanted only to go to Seane Corn’s class smack in the middle of the day. So I had a relaxing morning & headed over to the Gaiam tent with the hope I’de get a spot. Because I hadn’t reserved this class I had to wait outside until everyone else who had scheduled it were in. I waited patient but nervous because I really wanted to experience Seane in this setting. Finally I was in, with a great spot I was ready to move it (my body) & listen to Seane’s cues & insights. What came next I was not prepared for. The class was called Yoga For A Broken Heart. My assumption was well, we all experience a broken heart from time to time in our lives. We hurt, we get hurt, we hurt ourselves, friends, lovers & families; but this is not where Seane was going. She asked us to come close, leave our mats behind and huddle in. We did. And she began talking on greif, loss & her dear father’s passing. She asked others to share & while I think it would be good for me personally to reflect & write here everything I heard that day- I just can’t. What was said was so personal & in a sacred space that I won’t write about it in detail publicly. What I will say is that brave people stood up & talked about who they were missing; who they just recently lost, who they lost years ago & still miss so much. Lost mothers, fathers, children, grandmothers, grandfathers & friends from cancer, accidents & unexplained events. The wind blew through our beautiful tent as everyone cried. I can’t say for sure that everyone cried but I think it’s a safe assumption this time that there were no dry eyes. We talked this way for nearly an hour. Then we went to our mats to move through our feelings of sadness, anger, forgiveness, helplessness, gratitude, emptiness and on and on. I think you can feel almost every heavy emotion when you encounter & think on death. I went to that class expecting to move my body and my soul and I did & I think I danced a little with all the souls who were present on their mats & in the wind.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this experience over the past two weeks & for me it does come down to 2 things. 1.Tomorrow is promised to no one. 2. Live in a state of gratitude.

That Sunday afternoon continued… I met up with Srutih & we lounged & ate by a beautiful swimming pool, we went to a spa for treatments, took a breathtaking drive home with a pink, glowing sunset view, stopped at Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley for a very late dinner & then sweet sleep knowing in the morning I’d be hugging my man & my little man.