Airports are no longer a beacon of hope signaling the beginning of a fab vacation but rather are turing into a scene possibly as annoying and grey as the DMV. This is where yoga comes in. Yoga=breathing + patience + kindness. Recounted below is my little story & how I didn’t let the negative peeps in line bum me out after my magical Wanderlust time!

The morning after Wanderlust at the airport the security line was a mess. A huge! long! line with one TSA agent for first class & one for the rest of us. It was Monday morning in the middle of summer in California- this was not going to go well. There were four women behind me, a grandmother, her adult daughter & 2 teenagers. I heard them talking about their flight time. I turned around and told them I was pretty sure they were going to miss their flight if they stayed in this line. The grandmother asked the TSA if they could please cut to the front and she was told no. When she returned to the spot behind me she was smiling but dismayed. Tick tock tick tock. I encouraged the ladies to start asking everyone in line one by one to please let them cut because of the time & I watched them go for it- kindly requesting to pass, until they were out of sight. I just had to laugh as some flyers cursed the ladies under their breath, rolled their eyes and/or said out loud something like, “So you think your problem/mistake should be mine?” eep. I took some deep breaths & tried not to too anxiously watch the time on my phone tick by. As I walked through security grabbing my belongings from the conveyor belt I heard the last call for the ladies’ flight & smiled to myself knowing they made it & thankfully so did I!