The Raw Foodists ABC’s

A) Preferred way to eat avocados: Oh, I’ll eat an avocado any time, anywhere, anyhow.

B) Daily banana intake:  1 or 2 in a shake or smoothie.

C) Cacao or carob? Love them both but cacao is what I buy the most.

D) Durian? Yum.

E) Essential to start the day: Same as yesterday- warm lemon water and a piece or two of very dark chocolate.

F) Favorite fruit: Bananas & blueberries.

G) Guru you like: My teachers are everywhere I look. It’s exhausting. 😉

H) Healthy meal: Quinoa bowl with kale, avocado, sprouts, broccoli, lemon & nutritional yeast.

I) Ice cream base: bananas

J) Juice or smoothies? At least one every day!

K) Favorite way to eat kale: Like avocados, I’ll eat it anytime & anyway I can. Steamed, in salad, in a smoothie or a chip form!

L) # of Lemons in your house right now: A bag!

M) Muscle testing: hoax or real? hmmmmm?

N) Nut butter: favorite kind? Almond butter must be in my house at all times.

O) Organic or conventional? Organic only.

P) Pickled veggies: Yum. Love them.

Q) Questions you get asked about your diet: The usual. Protein.

R) Recipe you love: I don’t make a lot of recipes these days but I a stand out is from Shazzie & David Wolfe’s book called Naked Chocolate. I made their raw vegan chili & it was divine.

S) Skin brushing? Love it, rarely remember to do it.

T) Type of water you drink: Tap.

U) Unbelievable thing that’s related to eating raw: The higher raw I eat the lighter I feel & the better my skin is.

V) Vegetable you love: Can’t live without broccoli & kale.

W) Why did you start eating raw? I loved the food.

X) X-rated vegetable or fruit: Bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis.

Y) Yummy food you make: Same as yesterday.

Z) Favorite use of zucchinis: Zuc pasta or sliced to dip into guacamole.