Yesterday I wrote in the comments of this blog post: & Here I go quoting myself!

“I’d love to give you a list of vegan Portland musts! I love Food Fight, Sweetpea, Herbivore & Scapegoat (the vegan mini mall on SE Stark & SE 12th), Back to Eden Bakery, Dovetail bakery, The Bye & Bye and Sip (Sip is also in SE) on NE Alberta, The Sweet Hereafter & Kitchen Dances on SE Belmont, Portobello on SE Division- but you NEED reservations & Blossoming Lotus (NE 15th). Okay, it depends on how long you’re staying if you can hit all these, but these places are my favorites! I think I should have just written a blog post & directed you to it! ha! Have fun!”

So I should probably do a Portland vegan blog post! You see this weekend it is Vida Vegan Con & I didn’t buy a ticket in a timely manner so I missed out. I’ve entered two contests in the last two weeks to win a ticket even! ugh- it just wasn’t meant to be. VVC is bringing vegan bloggers together for the first time for food, classes, a fancy auction party to benefit Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary & more from August 26th- 28th. But, for now let’s just return to my awesome list!

Food Fight- A vegan grocery store. I do the majority of my grocery shopping at FF. I never take them for granted & try to support them by buying as much as I possibly can here! Plus I love their totes & t shirts designs. Go get ’em.

Sweetpea- They’ve made mt son’s last three birthday cakes, I love their iced tea & donuts.

Herbivore- LOVE. Great message, great feeling in the store. Get a tote, a scarf, a tee, a hoodie, a book, a belt, a wallet, a necklace, a handbag… oh my!

Scapegoat- for your vegan tattoo needs.

Back to Eden Bakery- My son loves their whoopie pies & so do I! Here you can expect vegan banana splits, soft serve, delicious cakes & savory tarts & more! yummm

Dovetail bakery- If someone were to tell me last year that I would fall deeply in love with a salted caramel cake I would have laughed & said, clearly you don’t know about my commitment to chocolate. But I have & I can admit it.

The Bye & Bye- Order anything from the food & /or drinks menu & you will be happy. My favorite are the large bowls of veggies, brown rice & tofu. Husband loves the chili pie & the veggie meatball sub, Eliot loves the veggie dog & broccoli. You can’t go wrong.

Sip- Juices, smoothies, green smoothies, shakes. I bow down.

The Sweet Hereafter- By the lovely team that brought us the Bye & Bye we also have the pleasure of the spanking new Sweet Hereafter. Two words: Coconut kale. Get on it.

Kitchen Dances- This Belmont food cart is absolutely reliable in that everything I’ve had on the menu has been incredibly good. The soup, the sandwich, the side salad, the raw tacos & I really must go back soon to try the raw ravioli!

Portobello- My husband (who’s not a veg) thinks Portobello is the best vegan restaurant he’s ever been to & I’ve been to cities around the world dragging him to every veg place I can find. They serve vegan italian & they do it well!

Blossoming Lotus- BL is close to my heart. When I first came to Portland I ate there as much as I could & I still feel very much at home with a bowl of quinoa, kale, avocado, sprouts & yummy sauce.

Enjoy Vida Vegan Con, enjoy Portland & eat up!