It was almost 6 years ago that I happened upon Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman where I learned that veganism is the healthiest diet for our planet, people & animals. I saw a sneak peek showing of a new documentary called Vegucated last night here in Portland (which Fuhrman is in!) with a very special crowd, in my opinion because it was filled with vegan bloggers- like minded people watching all at once. Afterwards while talking to the director, Marisa Miller Wolfson she noted how the audience was quiet. My friend, Michelle
(of Herbivore) was explaining what I’ll sum up as a thoughtful audience. None of this is particularly new to us but I’ll venture to say we’re always happy when more accessible information about being vegan is available for the world to chew on. The film was inspiring, well done, funny & sad- a journey through the eyes of three meat loving New Yorkers going vegan. One thing I thought I was notable but wasn’t mentioned was the change in each of their faces after 6 weeks on a vegan diet they had all lost their puffy cheeks & swollen eyes. That physical change is evident in many who drop the dairy in my experience.

Vegucated will be screening at the Toronto Film Festival on September 10, 2011. You can follow them on twitter and facebook &/or help support them by buying a cool shirt that was designed for them by Vaute Couture. I was told by one of the films producers, Demetrius that their online store will be up in the next six weeks. You can really feel this is a labor of love & I’m also happy to say that their kickstarter project raised double the money they were asking for! Amazing!

Thanks to Vida Vegan Con for the opportunity to see this wonderful movie, now let’s see it hit the masses with love & open hearts! Eat vegan! XO