Today I had the opportunity to talk about veganism with someone brand new in my life & while I didn’t completely blow it I’m not happy with how it went. So if I could do it all over again I would have answered one question differently. When she asked me why Eliot (our 7 year old) thinks his father is “nutty” for eating meat instead of answering with a laugh, “Well he gets it from me!” I wish I would have said, “Yes, of couse Eliot thinks it’s crazy to eat animals. They are chickens, cows, turkeys, fish & pigs to him- sentient beings with feelings & personalities. He doesn’t understand why anyone would WANT to kill & eat an animal. We also actively discuss the environmental issues associated with diet & lifestyle choices.”


Okay, so that’s off my chest but I must say I did talk about the ethical & moral reasons for being vegan to her & do you want to know what she said back to me? Can you, my fellow vegans guess? She talked about where she gets her meat & how it’s free range, local, grass fed & tastes SO good. I thought I was going to puke. Seriously, what to do in this world, on this planet, right now when I can’t hear her & she can’t hear me? If I was a quiet vegan before I’m not planning to be one any longer.