Who knew I’d love gardening so much? And really, I’m not even that good at it- but I’m learning. Eliot & I water, look after, pull the dead leaves & care for our yummy greens. It is extremely relaxing & fun & I actually lose track of time with a baby blue watering can in my hand. So grateful.

Some Friday feelings. ooooo the F-word…

I’m happy for my garden.

Feeling powerless in loss & distance.

Feeling torn that my monkey will be at school starting next week & I’m so conflicted with happiness for him, sadness because I’ll miss him & motherly lion concern that I want all his days to sprout sunshine & never stress.

Feeling proud to be a vegan.

Happy to have friends that want me in their lives & are willing to walk through the rough stuff & the good stuff.

Happy to have a sister like we’ve both never had before.

Joyful that my body does yoga, that I’m strong & that feels amazing.