Trying to decide what to write about my closet. hmmm or should I just fill this post with pictures? Truly, my walk-in closet is a dream come true. I wanted it to look like a tiny boutique stuffed with beauty. I have things in there I bought last week and pieces that belonged to my mother & even both grandmothers. There are stories behind each dress and I’m glad some aren’t talking. Here’s me in my closet last week wearing a new I Love You shirt from Tender Loving Empire here in Portland, a star necklace from Idom- also in PDX, Prairie Underground pants, a Target brown cardigan, red Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes & a big grey watch from the little boys department at Nordstrom.
photoLove this shirt!

Okay, heavy photo post tomorrow. Here’s one last photo of my dress form that sits just outside my closet door, inside a small nook. She’s wearing a prom dress I bought at Xtabay. I fell in love with the ruffles before I even saw it in person!

The black hearts I cut out by hand from chalkboard sticker paper. Brilliant stuff that you can just peel & stick over & over again.

XOXOXOXOXO More tomorrow!